Safety and Health Information




Downloadable case studies of occupational accidents

List of Labor Inspection Institutions

Occupational Safety and Health Education Training Information Website

Occupational Safety and Health Management

Taiwan Occupational Safety & Health Management System(TOSHMS)

Work Environmental Monitoring

Work Environment Monitoring – List of Monitoring Institutions

MOL-Accredited Work Environment Monitoring and Exposure Risk Assessment

Work Environment Monitoring and Exposure Hazards Management System Login

Chemicals Management

PROCHEM Login Platform for Priority Management and Controlled Chemicals

CCB Chemical Assessment & Control Banding

Globally Harmonized System of Chemical Classification and Labelling

Inventory of Chemical Substances

Labor Health Care

List of Accredited Training Institutions for Occupational Health Care Workers

Labor Health Care Information Platform

Labor Physical and Health Examination

Accredited Training Institutions for Labor Physical and Health Examination Staff

Accredited Medical Institutions for Labor Physical and Health Examination

Record Templates for Special Health Hazards Examinations

List of Institutions for Specific Examination Items (lead in blood/urine, nickel in urine, inorganic arsenic in urine, cadmium in blood/urine


General Safety

SME Safety and Health Information Network

Construction Safety

Steel Construction Frames that Meet the Implementation Timeline of National Standards and Manufacturer Information

Dangerous Machinery and Equipment Safety

Designated Inspection Agency and Their Responsible Jurisdictions


Ministry of Labor:

Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Ministry of Labor:

Bureau of Labor Insurance, Ministry of Labor

Labor Affairs Bureau of Tainan City Government

Tainan City Government