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A.Divisions and Duties

  (A) Labor Standards Division: Supervises the inspection of labor standards and related issues.

  (B) Occupational Safety Division:



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Manufacturing Industry Division

Labor inspection, advocacy, and guidance for the manufacturing industry.

Chemical Engineering & Occupational Health and Safety Division

Supervising the inspection and guidance of occupational safety and health, occupational health promotion, workplace environment assessment, occupational accident investigation, appeals, labor health examination, and related guidance and assessment matters.

Dangerous machinery and Equipment Division

This has not been authorized yet. In the future, the division will be responsible for delegating the inspection of dangerous machinery and equipment in the authorized jurisdiction, acting on behalf of the inspection authority to supervise, advocate, and provide guidance for labor laws and regulations.

Construction Industry DivisionLabor inspection, advocacy, and guidance for construction, mining, and quarrying industries. Advocacy for construction site workers’ safety and health, and Class-D workplace review.
  1. General Industry Division: labor inspection, advocacy, and counseling for industries not listed above.


B. Organizational Structure

The Center of Labor Standards Inspection includes a center director, who is in charge of the Occupational Safety Division, and the Labor Standards Division. The Administrative Support Division is an adjunct position supported by existing inspectors based on the allocation of tasks.

  1.     (A) Labor Standards Division: The Labor Standards Division has two offices, one in Yonghua Center and one in Minjhih Center.
  2.     (B) Occupational Safety Division: The Occupational Safety Division is divided into the Manufacturing Industry Section, the Chemical Engineering & Occupational Health and Safety Section, the Dangerous Machinery and Equipment Section, the Construction Industry Section, and the General Industry Section. The division is located in the Nanmen Labor Recreation Center.

C. Responsible Jurisdiction

    (A) The Labor Standards Division: Responsible for all administration districts except the Southern Taiwan Science Park.

    (B) Occupational Safety Division: Responsible Jurisdiction of the Occupational Safety Division: 8 industrial parks.



Sinying Industrial Park

Guantian Industrial Park

Yongkang Industrial Park

Tainan Technology Industrial Park
Anping Industrial Park
Yongkang Technology Industrial Park
Liouying Technology and Environment Industrial Park
Tree Valley Park